how to pack bike

When you planning to move your motorbike bangalore to anywhere in India then you have to keep in your mind those point. First you have to reach where your bike will be picked up to the truck because after packing you cannot ride your bike. You need to arrange bubbl, Thermochol corrugated sheet and waterproof lamination. Put the key to the keyhole in your motorbike and wrap it bye tape. This is the easiest way to finding your key after relocation. Put the thermocol on the petrol tank millimeter and headlight then rapid buy bubble. After wrapping by bubble, Put the corrugated sheet all over the motorbike. Pack the backlightWith thermocol bubble and corrugated street.

You need not pack the tire. After packing all these rap by waterproof lamination. That will be protect from rain and dust. If you have super bike like Harley Davidso, Kawasaki ninja or hayabusa then you have to make wooden crate. Now your motorbike is ready to move you can put at to the truck and hopefully you will received your goods safely

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